What was that road paved with?

A roadGood intentions? I really did have big ideas about blogging weekly again (not getting sucked into microblogging on Twitter instead). But saying goodbye to my co-workers at Christmas was tough and then landing in California and having to go straight to Disneyland on Christmas Eve (when I hate crowds!) was just too much for me and I got sick. Still enjoyed part of the holidays with the kids and granddaughter but I never did manage to blog.

The last month has been winding up my job and weaning my instructors so that they feel comfortable carrying on with less support. So, I feel I’ve stepped away without causing too many problems; the problems that are generated from the management conflicts and uninformed decision-making will cause them way more distress than me leaving.

So now to refocus and to take full advantage of the freedom I have for the next few months (I’m officially on leave) I’m going to try to be consistent about this goal: blogging about my exploration of educational ideas (with a focus on edutech of course!). In the process I’ll be learning more about effective use of a variety of technologies in terms of teaching and learning. At least that’s the plan!


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