Looking towards the Horizon…

The preliminary report from the Horizon project (an annual look forward to identify significant technologies that are expected to affect learning and education) was released in January. The full repThe Horizon Report 2012ort is out now and available (with a free registration) from the New Media Consortium or you can just click on EDUCAUSE’s library link (http://net.educause.edu/ir/library/pdf/HR2012.pdf)  who have it available for download without any preliminaries.

Check out the review of what’s coming with Veronica Diaz and Malcolm Brown of EDUCAUSE on March 5, 2012 (10 am our time)   1:00 pm ET. It’s a 90 minute broadcast that was worth watching in the past as they reflect on how institutions around the world are implementing the new technologies.

There are few surprises; what’s going to be interesting is to think about whether these predictions are wide-ranging or only relevant to an elite part of the population in the developed and connected world.

In brief:

within one year

  • Mobile apps
  • Tablet computing

  • Game-based learning
  • Learning analytics

  • Gesture-based computing
  • Internet of Things

If you’re curious about how this year’s report predictions compare to previous year’s, you can investigate the different wiki’s for each year from New Media Consortium’s Horizon wiki page or you can look at the side-by-side comparions Google Doc I’m building Compare Horizons.


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