ISW online at Royal Roads

I’m excited to start my ISWO online course with Royal Roads

ISW course online

Instructional Skills Workshop – Online.

I discovered that someone had applied the ISW model to online learning while I was attending the Bowen Island Institute in November (boy, was that an energizing experience). It makes perfect sense and it goes the next steps beyond what I had done at Yukon College in terms of using the ISW model to develop a Teaching in a Connected Classroom workshop for teachers teaching through our extensive videoconferencing network.

I find the power of the ISW model is in its emphasis on having participants stretch and try new teaching approaches within a supportive learning environment aided by the constructive criticism provided by peers. The imposition of constraints like the mini-lesson format and the need to communicate through devices or technologies brings out the creativity in instructors and the ISW approach seems to support and strengthen the results in terms of professional and personal growth for participants.

I don’t think the ISW model is everything; but it is one approach that I have found to have lots of value for me personally and for many other educators that I know or have taught.
I’m going to track my learning and experiences of the ISWO – hopefully charting some growth in my skills in teaching online and documenting new ideas and approaches to teaching and facilitating online that I learn from my cohort in the class.
more later…


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