MyTips: Re-energize Your Practice

As we begin Week 4 of the ISWo online facilitation course, I’ll share a few tips that I use when I get tired and overwhelmed by the higher education and online learning world. Following the lead of the sample blog post from The Online Instructor, I thought I’d share some of my own personal re-energizing ideas:

MyTip #1:  Look Beyond the Education Horizon 

overlooking Garmisch


 Rather than focusing on conferences or webinars (I generally don’t find them that energizing – too much “same old same old” at times) I try to look outside our education world. I look for inspiring, entertaining or unusual things that people are doing with technology in diverse fields (and I’m always so grateful I have so many windows on so many worlds because of the Internet). Here’s a few places I like to explore:


An online design and innovation consultancy based in California but with a truly global approach. One of my favourite sub-sites to visit is their Open IDEO which is an invitation to people around the world to work together to solve problems – one of my first experiences of the power of challenging individuals to work together to solve the world’s problems.

Science Blogs:

I just pick a field and find a blogger whose writing or photography catches my eye – Aardvarchaeology’s Martin Rundkvist is often over my head but he is fascinated by the weirdest (to me) things. He writes eloquently (if somewhat confusingly) about “the roddon” (land formed from river silts – a good place to find artifacts apparently), “Early Modern Scottish brigadiers in Sweden” interspersed with comments on other blogs about bat sex and parapsychology.


My favourite social photo sharing site – I could get lost here for hours – so many creative, talented or just goofy photographers.

Australian Aboriginal On-line Television:

I can learn about eating goanna or watch canoe-making demos from Uncle Wally Cooper in Burraja Aboriginal Centre.

27 Jonathan Harris:

I love this designer’s online projects. My first (and still favorite one) was Phylotaxis – a design that was intended to express “the space where science meets culture” – a project he did for SEED (another place to expand your horizons)


“a daily international news and entertainment network of online programming based in New York City” It annoys me sometimes (too fast, too glib) but it’s almost always thought-provoking.


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