MyTips: Re-energize Your Practice

MyTip #2:  Discover New Voices

Part of teaching these days, whether it be online or in face-to-face environments, is enriched by a diversity of opinions, facts, perspectives, humour or ideas that you can find through the Internet. Some people refer to this as your PLE (personal learning environment). When I’m feeling somewhat jaded or stressed about my teaching practice, I look and listen to other voices in the education field.

1.  Stephen Downes – Stephen’s Web –
Subscribe to his OLDaily (Online Learning Daily) e-newsletter here:

An amazing Canadian resource, Stephen officially works for the National Research Council, but he travels the world sharing his insights about online community, open learning, connectivism and a gazillions other education/technology/learning/empowerment issues.

2.  Join in an active online community – SCOPE –

“…for individuals who share an interest in educational research and practice…” If you want to learn more about facilitating, supporting, encourage, guiding (unobtrusively) online community, watch how Sylvia Currie (Community Steward) helps the SCOPE community stay on track.

3.  Youtube videos from Dr. Michael Wesch, or Dr. David Wiley, or Joi Ito, Dr. Danah Boyd

Each of these educators has some unique perspectives and insights to share.

4.  View TED (Technology, Entertainment, Design) Talks on education topics

5.  Read and explore the International Review of Research in Open and Distance Learning (IRRODL) from Athabasca University!

That should keep you out of trouble for a while!  Feel free to suggest new voices you have discovered that re-invigorate your practice.


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