Another week of openness in education…

open education

explore free and open sharing of education

Well, the 2nd annual Open Education Week is underway – March 11-15, 2013. There are lots of “open” events – webinars, videos to watch, projects to explore, and lots and lots of different things to learn – for free!

The term “open education” generally refers to educational opportunities that are provided for free and in ways that make them as accessible as possible. For the most part, open education doesn’t provide certification although more and more courses will offer a certificate or some type of digital badges. If you want to know more about open education, browse through the blogs of leaders in the open education movement:

Check out the webcasts that are easily available for those of us in Pacific time zone (thanks to Una Daly for extracting these from the Open Education Week site – The Short List for Open Education Week 2013.

And for a quick overview, take a look at my brief Slideshare posting:

Fire up your mobile device or desktop clunker and explore some openness this week.



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