So many MOOCs…so little time!

325MoodleMOOCI’ve been browsing some of the MOOC offerings coming up this fall and trying to restrain myself so I don’t bite off more than I can chew. But I’m interested to see how they design, how they facilitate, how they handle introductory and ongoing assignment videos, quizzes, online discussions, and interactive learning activities.

I’m curious about the increasing use of digital badges or completion certificates and the potential value (or not) to the learner. I was surprisingly pleased to earn a Google Power Search digital badge last year but I wonder whether that effect wouldn’t just diminish as I started collecting more?

So, despite the busy times at the start of another College term, I’ve signed up for the learnmoodle MOOC. I completed the ISW online at Royal Roads last February and it was delivered on the Moodle platform but it was the older version so this MOOC is a way to get familiar with the newer interface. Plus I can earn a badge if I can stay focused.

So far I like the clean design and the understated look. The launch is September 1st 15:00 UTC – join us (me) in exploring.


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