Looking back on my first week in learnmoodle

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Reflecting on my learning

Mmmmm, part of my first week’s learning tasks in my learnmoodle MOOC is a “Reflect on your learning” blog post. I was going to use the Moodle blog tool but I’ve played with that in a previous course I worked on and I prefer my WordPress blog. So, I’ll link this post to my Moodle course and see how that works out.

Following the guidelines posted in the Week 1 activity, which suggest that I select one thing that I’ve learned and reflect on:

  • why I find it important
  • how I can use it after the course
  • other questions that arise

I’ve been finding the weekly task list with the check boxes very helpful – surprising as I consider myself a fairly well-organized learner and I have other strategies that integrate my smartphone, my iPad and my social media sites/tools. I had to spend some time reflecting on why such a simple page was so helpful this week.

It’s been a very busy week (last week on the job!) but I tried to log onto the course site every day to keep up with things. At times I found myself getting sucked into the discussion fora because I found the diversity of comments, issues and ideas so interesting. I was busy collecting new ideas and storing them in Evernote (a free app/website that I use for integrating everything from URLs, to images, to quick audio notes I record on my cellphone – very handy). However, I was also trying to stay focused on working my way through the actual course so that I could get a feeling for how the organizers utilize Moodle in the most effective way so that I could integrate some of that learning in my future course design.

I think that two factors make the weekly task list so valuable for me:  the ability to “tick off” each element or task as I completed it AND the ability to quickly click on the embedded link to each task and work on that activity. Very simple, very effective for me. I didn’t fumble between different devices or get lost in Navigation links trying to find my my way back to where I left off.

I’ll certainly apply this technique again and I might modify it with some visuals or a timeline type approach. I’ll play with the idea a bit to diversify it for people who are not as linear about learning as I tend to be?

Other questions that this brings up for me is how it would be perceived by other learners who have different ways of self-organizing their learning. How can I diversify the checklist approach for other learning styles?


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