Gone but not forgotten…Moodle MOOC a success!

Wow, that was a whirlwind of learning, online interactions, reading and reflecting. Four weeks of Moodling (1-30 Sept 2013) with thousands of Moodlers at all levels, guided and supported and taught by a very hard-working team led by Mary Cooch. They set a high bar for good online course design, timely support and intervention in online forums, and honesty and openness when things didn’t work out the way they had planned. I thoroughly appreciated the participatory approach that infused this MOOC. People around the world were stepping forward to help each other learn; the addition of courses and forums in other languages just made the whole experience more interesting.

The supporters and organizers of this learnmoodle MOOC are to be thanked and congratulated. They allowed us all to build our own sample courses and made sure that we had lots of time to download copies. The learnmoodle site will remain open for review (read-only) until the end of 2013. Moodle help documents are readily available at http://docs.moodle.org and the books that Mary created for the course are downloadable until the end of the year. Reflecting the spirit of “openness”, she has also encouraged us to embed her videos (displayed in the books) or the GoogleHangouts in our own developing courses. These recordings can be found on Youtube in the Moodle channel.

I wish all MOOCs were as reflective of the spirit of openness and participation in learning.




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