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Feed-forward Your Feedback

Assessment in education gets a lot of attention in research and at conferences but, in practice, many of us are still missing the mark in providing students with what they need to learn effectively. Recent research in the UK showed … Continue reading

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Open ProD at UBC’s CTLT – ISW and Flexible Learning

Can the ISW integrate flexible learning options without becoming less than it can be? That was the primary question I hoped we’d explore when I accepted the invitation to participate in the ISW ProD session at UBC’s CTLT on January … Continue reading

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Sharing the Show – JIBC Demofest 2014

I had the pleasure of spending part of the day last week at the JIBC Demofest in New Westminster – an event I first heard about way back in 2010 (here’s the link I found in my Diigo collection – … Continue reading

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Serendipity by design – the ETUG Unconference

Welcome to organized chaos! Have you heard of the Unconference (see video) model? An exercise in emergent learning and collaborative organization, this year’s ETUG Fall Workshop was a deliberate deep-dive into a new way of learning together. My first ETUG … Continue reading

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Social media in B.C. higher education

I’ve been exploring the issues around using social media in education and, there are days, like today, when I wonder if the benefits really outweigh the risks. I’ve began exploring the use of social media in education when I was … Continue reading

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What education can learn from business…

Caught a news piece about the new Gallup study on the impact of social media (Social Media Fail to Live Up to Early Marketing Hype) and thought that a number of the “learnings” expressed by the companies that were included … Continue reading

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Confluences and divergences at CNIE2014 May 13-16

The natural confluence of the North and South Thompson Rivers at Kamloops, B.C. was the inspiration for the theme and title of this year’s CNIE-RCIÉ 2014 conference hosted by Thompson Rivers University (TRU).  The organizers hoped that bringing together the … Continue reading

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